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Quantified Ante with Lindsay Giguiere
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An Exciting Telehealth & Next Gen E-Commerce Investment Opportunity

An Exciting Telehealth & Next Gen E-Commerce Investment Opportunity

2021 is setting up to be a huge year for growth investment opportunities. Through all 2020, we survived … and learned how to navigate, and in some cases, adapt and thrive.

These last few months have been nothing short of monumental in getting things back to normal. Our society’s tone went from “hope” to “Recovery” and now to “GROWTH.”

The stock market has been red hot as everyday Main Street investors have shown their power and helped fuel the stock market’s historic gains

And we are now seeing hot new start-up companies coming to market in 2021 that will reshape how we all do business … and position themselves as the next darlings that will eventually go public on the stock market.

And with a little known regulation, everyday Main Street investors are now able to invest like venture capitalist professionals, and get in early … just like the pros.  More on that later.

Remember when …

  • We all jumped onto the Internet for work, school, shopping, health and wellness needs
  • Telemedicine became the preferred way to see our doctors
  • Our home life became “24/7 live-work-survival” family affairs
  • We weren’t sure when things would (ever) get back to normal
  • The economy needed a huge boost in the arm

Necessity is the mother of invention.”  That is a quote many of us heard over and over again.

lindsay giguiere, quantified ante, necessity of invention

Did you know …

  • 35% of patient interactions will be digital in 2021
  • 50-175x more telehealth visits today vs. what was a normal healthcare visit in 2019
  • 10 YEARS of e-commerce growth over the first 6 MONTHS 2020
  • Total retail sales in 2020 increased 6.9% to $4.04 trillion, up from $3.78 trillion the year before (2019). This is the highest growth since 1999.
  • E-commerce sales accounted for 101% of all gains in retail sales in 2020, which means sales through all other channels such as  stores, catalogs, and call centers all declined in 2020
  • U.S. consumers spent $861.12 billion online, which was a 44% year over year growth from 2019 to 2020
  • It is projected that U.S. e-commerce is on track to top $1 trillion by 2022

And there is now an estimated 2.14 billion online buyers, with approximately 150 million new consumers who shopped online for the first time in 2020.

… That’s a lot of eyeballs and keyboards searching, buying, and wanting to be engaged.

As consumers became not just comfortable, but reliant on e-commerce, content around the themes of “mind, body and wallet” started to become massive growth drivers for telehealth, wellness and e-commerce.

Out of necessity, consumers rushed online in 2020 to access telehealth services for themselves and their families, and to safely purchase their products and services.

Unfortunately, current telehealth platforms do not offer an elegant and integrated e-commerce solution to sell health and wellness products to their customers. And for those that try, their offerings are many times disjointed.

In fact, most telehealth services are very sterile, compartmentalized, and not branded towards their target audience. Given the fact that the “matriarch audience” controls $43 trillion of global consumer spending and drives family wellness decisions, this is a BIG MISS and the next huge opportunity.

There are MASSIVE investor trends for 2021 “and beyond” that hot new start-ups are incorporating in their business models…

… everyday Main Street investors have shown their investment power against Wall Street hedge funds and this industry is the next big target for them.

… companies like Bumble and StixFix have harnessed the leadership spirit of this high-performing demographic who will continue to be the buzz for future entrepreneurs and their companies.

… Patagonia and Kickstarter have pioneered this corporate structure that appeals to both investors and customers, and large corporations and startups alike are taking notice.

… this personal topic has been a “taboo topic” but celebrities are bringing it mainstream in ways that will create business opportunities for companies and investors.

… the cryptocurrency market has created tremendous wealth for visionary investors and they are uniquely positioned for this investment strategy.

… e-commerce is poised for tremendous growth in the next few years based on shifts of consumer behaviors and these business drivers.

… start-up companies now have many options to create liquidity for their early investors.

We uncover and detail these massive investor trends in our special report that can be accessed below.

As a matter of fact, we have also identified a hot new promising start-up company that is doing all of the above … and more.

It’s only a matter of time before this company really takes off, and savvy investors will want to get onboard before it’s too late.

The company has already been funded to the tune of $2.5 million from its founders and friends and family, and its Mini-IPO is now approved to accept new investors. It has an Investor Relations team that you can schedule a call to discuss this opportunity with at any time. Please feel free to schedule some time with their team.

Ethan K.

I look forward to speaking with you about investing in our Regulation A+ Mini IPO. Please give to me just a bit of information, select a day / time that works best for you and we will be set to discuss this remarkable opportunity.

Additionally, you can learn more about this unique investment opportunity and 2021’s massive investor trends by downloading our special report below.

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